Using droplet microfluidic in only 1 hour of training

Droplet microfluidics has revolutionized life-sciences research  in the field of cellular and molecular biology. The confinement of thousands of cells in individual picoliter droplets paves the way for cutting-edge research at the single-cell resolution.

By providing you an instant access to droplet microfluidics, ModaFlow™ is the right instrument to carry out single-cell study of your different cells and biologics. Droplet microfluidics has never been so easy.

Connect your sample to the chip, and screen thousands of micro droplets containing your cells.

With ModaFlow™, cells, particules and microvesicles are precisely manipulated and isolated for further analysis. It is particularly well adapted to rare cell screening in the field of immunology (B-cell, T-cell), oncology (CTC, tumor cells) and stem cells biology.

There is no limit in the number of applications apart from your imagination: cell sorting with intracellular, secreted or membrane markers, cell line development, stem cell culture, cytotoxicity and drug testing, etc. Some applications of our customers and partners using ModaFlow™ are presented below.

B cell, T-cell and best producer sorting

Searching for specificity and productivity

ModaFlow™ helps you find the right candidates with specific BCR, TCR or the best mAB producer regarding your needs of : 

  • screening and sorting of precious cells among millions of cells

  • ensuring specificity

  • maintaining high viability​

As the picodroplet maintains the single cell and it secretome confined, specific immunoassay are processed on each droplet in the aim of sorting the positive hits.​

This ability to perform functional sorting based on immunoassay in droplets is unique and can not be realised using classical flow cytometry.

Cell culture in hydrogel beads

Use millions of picodroplets as bioreactors

Use ModaFlow™ to encapsulate cells (individually or multiple) or bacteria in biocompatible hydrogel beads (e.g. alginate) and culture them for days in their culture media. Hydrogel beads favor cell grow in 3D, e.g. for the formation of spheroïds and organoïds, and for cell amplification. 

After culture, the cells can be collected gently out of the hydrogel for further processing. 

Compared to classical nozzle extrusion and external gelation, droplet microfluidics generates highly reproducible beads at high throughput. 

Exosome analysis

Fortify your data by understanding cell messages...

ModaFlow™ is widely used to realise custom assays on cells but also exosomes and other micro-vesicles with two main focus : 

  • studying cell-secreting exosomes

  • studying cell & exosomes interactions

​As the picodroplet maintains the single cell and exosomes confined, specific immunoassay can be processed on each droplet in the aim of sorting the positive cells.

​This ability to realise functional immunoassay is unique and can not be realised using classical flow cytometry.

Complex workflow in single-cell genomics

At the deepest level of your cells comprehension...

With ModaFlow™ , you can generate a complete workflow including single-cell lysis, amplification, sorting and sequencing. The genetic material remain confined in the droplets through the whole process, which ensures the single-cell resolution.