Modaflow, the flow cytometer based on droplet microfluidics

Droplet microfluidics is a powerful technology that helps researchers analyze multiple or single cells, bacteria, particles and biological material quicker and more effectively than traditional methods.

The technology has the potential to find rare and precious cells, to improve our understanding of cellular biology and help us develop new treatments for diseases.

Droplets generation

ModaFlow™, your new generation flow cytometer

The ModaFlow™ is a flow cytometer composed of an all-integrated equipment and an intuitive software to make droplet microfluidics and functional cell sorting accessible to life science companies, scientists and researchers.

The ModaFlow™ is equipped with the most fitting objective lenses for fluorescence activated cell sorting relying on one up to three lasers through up to 6 color detectors. The ModaFlow™ also comprises a camera for live monitoring, high precision pressure pumps, pneumatic valves, … and patented support for the microfluidic chip and its inlet and outlet reservoirs, which saves you the trouble of having many cumbersome tubes laying around everywhere in your labs.

Modaflow microfluic droplets-based flow cytometer

Key Benefits

  • High-throughput : 150 000  cells sorted per hour.​

  • Screening and sorting of biological cells, bacteria, exosomes, genetic content and particles.

  • Cell sorting based on intracellular or extracellular markers for functional analysis (secretome).

  • No dead volume, particularly adapted to precious cell samples.

  • Combination of up to six microfluidic modules to make your personalized workflows a reality.

  • Real time observation of the ongoing analysis.

Acess droplet microfluidics in less than one hour

An intuitive software allows you to control your ModaFlow™, with droplet generation only a single button press away. Less than one hour of training is sufficient to start manipulating your first sample within the instrument, even if you have no experience in flow cytometry.

The ModaFlow™ is adapted to the realization of simple or complex workflows including multiple or single-cell manipulations:

  • Screening
  • Mixing with reagents (drugs, antibodies, buffers, barcodes, … )
  • Sorting
  • One-to-one pairing

You can screen and sort cells individually, based on membranes proteins or cell secretome (functional screening, secretomics), while preserving their viability.

Cell sorting

By scientists for scientists

The ModaFlow™ instrument has been developed by scientists for scientists, to be easy to use to perform a variety of workflows thanks to the combination of microfluidic chips and modules.