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LiveDrop is a droplet microfluidics company whose mission is to develop and offer all-in-one integrated flow cytometers based on droplet microfluidics to boost your cell biology and microbiology studies.

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LiveDrop has developed a high-level of expertise in droplet microfluidics and created the all-integrated microfluidic flow cytometer called ModaFlow™.

The ModaFlow instrument and its unique modules and consumables (customized microfluidic chips designed for the experimental needs) will enable you to confine cells and reagents in droplets and subsequently sort them together, allowing to select individual cells or cell subsets with desirable properties based on their secretion profile.

  • Does your dream workflow require making hundreds of thousands of reproducible tests a day?
  • Do you wish you could access cell secretome in addition to surface biomarkers in a single experiment?
  • Have you ever struggled to recover viable fragile cells and looked for gentle cell sorting solutions?

If so, you should have a look at the ModaFlow™ instrument.

ModaFlow™ in numbers


Droplets generated/hour

Providing you with high capabilities for biological material compartmentalization


Single-cell analyzed/day

Boosting your chance to find out the rare events and cells you are struggling to recover



Allowing you to use a vast array of fluorescent markers for droplet-based fluorescence-activated cell sorting


Years expertise

Ensuring you get the best of what the technology has to offer: built upon experience, by users for users

Applications in life sciences

Rare cells/low abundant cells

Use ultra high-throughput screening capabilities to get the precise cell you are looking for out of vast cell populations


Sort relevant immune cells of desired functions

Microbiology & microbiota

Improve microbial diversity by sorting low-abundance and unculturable microorganisms

Cell therapy

Enhance your cell selection workflow and identify the most effective cells

Bioproduction/Cell line development

Enhance your cell selection process by gently sorting highly relevant clones out of vast populations

Extracellular vesicles

Enrich and isolate extracellular vesicles and determine their physiological relevance

Gene therapy

Increase your transduction rate and reduce viral vector consumption

Synthetic biology & CRISPR

Identify the most potent clones and improve the transfection efficiency

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